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Visits, museums and outings in Les Sables d’Olonne

Located only a few kilometres from the campsite, the famous town of Les Sables d’Olonne opens its arms to you. You will discover a resolutely dynamic city, turned towards the ocean and the future. A city where it is good to stroll, which lends itself wonderfully well to endless walks… You will discover authentic districts, narrow and flowery streets. Trust us; you will love the energy of this city.

If the city of the Vendée Globe is full of surprises, you will find below some ideas for outings and museums to visit.


Meet Gaston Chaissac and Victor Brauner and discover their dense and brilliant work. In addition to the museum’s collections, be sure to find out about current and future exhibitions.


It was a bold idea. It was transforming a 350m² German bunker, built in 1943, into a museum—a successful bet. You will leap back in time and feel the atmosphere of the Second World War through realistic scenes.


This museum is an absolute favourite. With a collection of over 50,000 shells, it is suitable for all ages. For lovers of the marine world, it is a must.
It is an extraordinary world offered to us, with natural colours and the most improbable shapes.

Casino des Sables 

More than 150 slot machines, blackjack tables, the famous English roulette…
A chic establishment on the seafront,
A cosy restaurant and a cuisine that will delight your taste buds,
A tasty cocktail to spend a lovely evening with friends.

Zoo des sables 

Discover an animal park whose philosophy is eco-conservation. Indeed, they prioritize the preservation of the environment, and many activities are offered to visitors to raise awareness on this delicate subject.

In this Ecozoo, you’ll find :

  • More than 500 exotic animals,
  • 60 species, more than half of which are subject to European or international protection measures,
  • The enclosure of each species has been specially designed for its well-being, reproducing the natural environment as closely as possible.

L’Ile Penotte

A district of small pedestrian streets located perpendicular to Rue Travot, which runs up from the embankment towards the town centre.
This small pedestrian area of the town centre, whose name remains mysterious, is amusing and picturesque with its houses decorated with mosaics of shells made up of mussels, whelks, periwinkles, clams… inspired by mythology.
A must-see for the whole family! It will amuse both young and old.


Come and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the racecourse.
Every summer, the organizers offer trotting, gallop and hurdle races at night.
If you are not familiar with this world, you should try this experience at least once.

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